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    Hi, I actually just started nap training my 4 month old baby a few weeks ago. I’d have to agree that putting the baby in a darkened room helps substantially. I have put up black out curtains in her room and will feed, burp and change her before she goes down. For the first week she would fuss and cry a little – if it was a tired cry I would leave her be and found she would put herself to sleep on her own by sucking her hand or thumb. A few times it was a pretty harsh cry and during those times I would go into her room, pick her up for a few minutes to soothe her and put her back in her crib. I am now into week 3 and most days she naps anywhere from 1-2 hours with little to no fuss. Timing is key though…watch your baby for signs of fatigue. If it’s too early or late the moment is lost and can make it very difficult to get baby to sleep.

    Hope this helps!!


    I’m having the same problem with my almost 3 month old …. She wakes sometimes she will go back to sleep most often not I have tried everything and nothing seems to work to darkening the room to white noise to try offering more milk and rocking until she calms then putting her back down to letting her cry everything and if she gets up after 45 minutes I know she is still tired… When I lay her down for a nap I lay her down completely awake and alert and she will fall asleep just fine by herself with out any intervention from me it’s staying asleep that’s the problem please e mail me and help


    I have a 4 month old with the same problem. He will go down no problem, it’s the 45 min intruder that is the problem. If I let him fuss, how much and how long? If not, do I pick him up or soothe I’m crib only? Please help!


    Going through the 45 minute intruder. I’ve tried blacking out, fully fed, clean diapers. Does the way I put her down for a nap take into account? How long should I swaddle for? I’ve been living her one arm out so she can find her hand for self soothe, but struggling because she still wakes up crying and obviously tired. How long should i let her fuss it out for? Help Melissa!


    We have been nap training our five month old and have been picking her up at the moment she wakes and is still half asleep after 45 minutes. I’m reading a book that says babies who do this are dependent on us for sleep associations in order to fall back asleep. We have been patting her on the back or giving her the pacifier and after a few times it is working–she has been able sleep beyond 45 minutes!