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    I’m following your schedule but my problem is he wakes up every morning at 5:45am wanting to eat. I feed him from both sides at 1am. What should I do? Feeding him at 5:45am messes up the entire schedule. Advice?

    Melissa Lawrence

    By the way, don’t assume anything is “messed up” — you are dealing with a baby and that is hard work… the exact time is not the most important thing, it is the frequency of the feedings, steadily feeding the baby until he is full… so if you have 5:45 YES try to get him to go down again right after that… after that, when he goes to sleep, maybe see how long he goes until and try to go back to sleep yourself. When he next feeds, say hopefully after 9am, start your schedule then — and feed every 3 hours or so — let me know exactly how old the baby is and I will try to help — xo melissa