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    Amanda Carney

    I even got that from my own mom! my babies were small. my second was only 6 lbs 4 oz born at 39 weeks. even though I gained weight (went from 123 to 170!) she’s always tell me that I needed to eat a Big Mac. or to go eat this or that at family functions. I ate constantly! but I was small to begin with for my height (5 ft, 6 in) so when I gained my weight, it plumped up my arms and legs a little bit. I looked healthier pregnant! I would get upset about her saying that, my husband would be livid. he saw that I was eating all the time and I was also eating healthy foods, not junk like she’s recommend. I totally agree that people just need to back off and let us do our thing!!


    Agreed! Can we all not just be happy there’s a new life coming into the world? It can be really stressful and overwhelming (especially for new Mommy’s). Just smile, say congratulations and you look wonderful:-)

    Melissa Lawrence

    and why are we women subject to everyone’s opinions all the time regarding what our bodies look like? enough! xoxo Melissa