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    This is wildly inappropriate and very offensive. I breast fed my son for over a year but I had enough respect for myself, my man, and my child to do it in PRIVATE! Modesty is a virtue that these women have clearly forgotten. Also this article is very poorly written by a person who in my opinion seems a little too concerned with another woman’s nipple. This is why I do not buy magazines like this.. Truly disgusting.


    You’re over thinking this photo. It’s an artistic cover showing something that’s natural and beautiful.

    Michelle R.

    I agree with everything you said, Melissa. I was also wondering what the heck else is in the photo with the baby! It looks like a black trash bag?! What message is that supposed to be sending??!! Sorry, but I just don’t think Vogue’s cover is for the right reasons. I would never pick up that magazine.


    Anything that publicizes breastfeeding is good. One of the reasons women don’t breastfeed as much is because we don’t grow up seeing other women breastfeed – there’s no example for us! Breastfeeding shouldn’t have to be done in private – there is nothing wrong with it! Women should be able to carry out their lives while feeding their babies – they should not have to hide! One can just cover up with a small blanket. Have no shame! And re: the Time cover, I like that they are staring at us – it makes the cover more intriguing. The cover did its job!