When An Older Kid Acts Up In a Group…

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This vlog is part of a 2-part series we’re doing this week on how to handle your child when they misbehave in front of others.  In the first, we talked about disciplining your toddler on playdates.

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In this vlog, I talk about handling older children when they misbehave in a group type situation.

Child Discipline Methods With Older Kids

Knowing how to discipline your child when they are around their friends is really hard.  Kids try to be cool when they’re around their peers, and I don’t want to be the annoying mom who butts in whenever something isn’t ideal.  At the same time, if I’m out with my kid and he does something I think is wrong like be rude in a restaurant or disrespectful to an adult, I wouldn’t stand by.

What message does it send that there are certain rules you play by when you are with your family but those don’t apply when you’re with your friends?  To me, the wrong one.

Other moms: how would you handle it if you were with your boy in a group-type situation and things went awry?  Would you let things go?  Would you take your kid aside?  Would you just leave?  Please weigh in on CloudMom.com and thanks for watching! 

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