Kids Constipation Remedies

In addition to doing our show about baby constipation, we’re doing a show this week on constipation remedies for kids.  I know, we’re like so totally blocked up this week!

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In this show, I offer up my kids’ experiences with constipation without (hopefully) them too much!  No one gets mentioned in particular!  I just talk about general trends, so to speak.

Kids Constipation Relief

In addition to a good diet with plenty of fruit, veggies, and water, including opting for whole grain cereal, bread, and pasta over white, I try to encourage my kids to sit regularly on the potty – which can be a battle.  There so totally on the go that sometimes they fight me tooth and nail.  I try for a few minutes in the morning after breakfast and a few minutes after dinner.  If nothing comes, nothing comes, but it does tend to help when I insist that they sit for a few minutes twice a day.

Especially with school aged kids, recent research has shown that kids can tend to hold it in too much which can cause a lot of issues with their bowels, so I am a strong believer in encouraging some potty time on the home front.  This is something that for boys especially I still find myself doing with my 9 year old because he seems to need it.

Watch my show for more on constipation remedies for kids including the way in which Miralax was prescribed for one of my kids.  Also, for a great blog on Miralax and the ways in which it is currently being prescribed – or overly prescribed – and some other hints on constipation remedies for kids, check out this New York Times Motherlode blog.

Do you have any natural constipation remedies for kids to recommend?  Have you dealt with constipation with your kids?  Please comment below, I would love to hear about your experience. 

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