Handling Nose Bleeding in Kids

Bloody noses in children are so common yet it’s always hard to know how to stop them and what to do to prevent them.  One of my boys gets them a lot.  Can’t say I love washing the blood out of those pillowcases!  It happens at least a few times a month which is a drag.  We’ve bought a humidifier to make his room less dry which seems to be helping a bit.

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How to Stop Kids Bloody Noses

When I was growing up, my Mom applied ice and the school nurse had me invert my head!  Now, it’s more about applying pressure in the right way for the right length of time.  Watch my vlog for tips and tricks on how to stop a bloody nose in kids.

What are your nose bleed remedies?  Weigh in in the comments. 

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  • Erin

    My grandmother did not use ice or pinching, and did not tilt our heads back. She had us put our head between our knees (or close for the not flexible) so we wouldn’t swallow the blood. This also worked in about ten minutes. She also stressed not blowing our nose right after so that the blood clot stopping the bleeding wouldn’t come out. She also used a thick, soft paper towel instead of a cloth towel so we wouldn’t ruin the cloth towel.
    I had a lot of nose bleeds as a kid. Just spontaneous ones. I knew this position well.