Encouraging Children To Read: Harry Potter

There’s a running debate in my house between ME and MY KIDS!  Should they have to wait to see the Harry Potter movies until they have read the books?

encourage children to read

I do as much as I can to encourage reading.  I try to have a lot of books around and to read with my kids after dinner. So if I had my druthers, my kids would probably wait to see the Harry Potter movies until they have read the books.

However, I don’t want my kids to miss out on watching a movie that all of their friends are seeing and to feel left out.  Plus the Harry Potter books are pretty daunting — I don’t know if I myself could finish all the Harry Potter books even if I tried, so I don’t want to be asking for too much.

In this vlog, I talk about how I am handling this.  What about your house?  Have you struggled with this issue?  Weigh in below.

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  • Amanda Carney

    you could always have him read the first one and then he can watch the first movie. it can be a reward for making it through the whole book.

  • Marian

    love this! we read ALL the Harry Potter books together… I mean, I read them aloud with my two kids, who were 5 and 7 at the time. after each book, we watched the corresponding movie. now the books live in my son’s room and he’s read some of them on his own. it was a big commitment, but we read together most nights, so we gave over many months to the Harry Potter series. tackling that has set the stage for the Tolkien books, too. we’re doing those this way: we read The Hobbit, then we let them watch all three of the LOTR movies, then we read The Hobbit AGAIN (at my kids’ request, they loved it so much), then we saw the movie of The Hobbit in the theater, and now we are reading the LOTR books. i’m certain that our practice of reading aloud has encouraged my kids to want to read on their own, too. 🙂 great times!