Childhood Discipline: Can a Kid Scold a Sibling?

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For most of us parents, disciplining your child is a headache.  Yet when one mom asked me my view on siblings parenting siblings, I had to say that, in my view, you don’t want one sibling parenting another.  Watch this video for my take on handling brothers and sisters fighting and childhood discipline generally.

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Disciplining Your Child

Thanks to mom Kathy for submitting a question to the CloudMom community!!  Kathy has an older child and a younger baby and is finding that the older child wants to discipline the older one.  This has definitely come up in my house and I do think that there is an element of  sibling rivalry, here, which is a huge issue for me and alot of other moms.

Watch this video for why I think, though, that it should be the parents handling the discipline and that kids should not be disciplining other kids.  Among other things, I think this could make sibling rivalry issues worse.

If anyone else has tips on how to handle this, please include them in the comments. I could use all the help I can get!