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    Thanks for this article,

    I think we as modern parents HAVE to find a better way to discipline our children. Certain children at certain ages can be communicated with in a rational way. Talk to your children, tell them how things are and how things will be in the household, with firmness, not screaming. If we as parents and examples are completely irrational, communicating with screaming and idle threats, what good does it do?

    This is a very timely article for me to read. With the school year aproaching I find that my son will have the same teacher as last year. We had issues with her screaming at the children and using guilt trips to communicate with her students, for example she has been diagnosed with a disorder and was telling the children she has to take 16 different meds to put up with her class, these were 5 graders. In our home we are very low key and do not yell or scream, we have clearly out-lined consequences for certain actions, period. I plan on either writting her a letter or having a word with her tonight at the open house. Any suggestions on how to address this issue??


    I read an article a while back that showed that todays new parenting, which means no yelling or spanking, can turn kids into wacko adults. When kids are not scolded, they grown up not only not knowing that there are boundaries that they should not cross, but also grow up selfish and insensitive to others. So maybe they seem all nice on the outside, but would not think twice about harming or deceiving someone. Why wouldn’t they, this is what they have been made to feel all their lives.