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    Hi Melissa!

    So nice to hear about your family traditions, didn’t know you had Swedish ancestry, my family are originally from Finland.

    You might not be able to do everything your mother did, but don’t put yourself down either. As a child you may not have seen all the times she crashed out at the end of the day after she had put all you kids to sleep, and you probably have stronger memories of those times that she did make an effort to make things special for you, rather than all the numerous times things were normal and average. I’m sure you are doing just fine and your kids are enjoying the times you do get to do things for them. As long as you are happy and they are happy.

    My first child is only 6 months old, so I have all these things still to look forward to!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks! Now with Christmas here I am trying to bake a bit more. Funny I do remember my Mom yawning alot when we were little!! Thanks for your words of encouragement! xo M