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    We are a family that has chose to vaccinate our two boys but we do not follow the CDC recommended schedule. We do one shot at a time and we space them out about two weeks apart. We also had a console with a holistic doctor and they are both on a daily probiotic, they take a herbal supplement of Grow and Thrive a week before the shot and a week after the shot. For our 1 year old we avoid fruit the day before the shot and a day after and no meat the week of the shot. This is what works for our family. There is a great article that a holistic doctor wrote. Take the time to read it, might make you think twice when someone says there was an outbreak because of un-vaccinated kids.

    Here is another website article that points out how much money vaccines make the Big Pharma company’s

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi there — I read the first article, very interesting. It seems weird that the CDC person would say that the increase in pertussis is not from a decrease in people vaccinating? Thanks for sharing.


    I let my girl get normal vaccinated. She just haven’t had the flu shot yet, simply because she never have been sick or had a bad fever and think she could get over a flu easily. (she is 21 month) We also don’t have any other kids and she is also not in daycare… yet. So since she probably will be going to daycare when she turns two in December, I want her to have it and I probably will go get it also. Everyone has to know it for himself and to educate yourself and not just believe everything what you hear. I’ve never had a flu shot before but I grew up in Germany.