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    I shop around for the best interest on credit cards and savings accounts. I know it is hard to get into credit card debt so if you do have some I would try to find a credit card that is offering 0 % interest on balance transfers. Also , alot of banks will give you a great introductory rate on savings account. Right now, there are going to be numerous deals going on. My advice would be only buy what you have to have and don’t buy on impulse…or just because it is a great deal!


    My advise for clothing shopping: Never ever pay retail!!!! I work in the clothing manufacturing industry and I know how high the mark up is on clothing. I will only buy clothing during big sale times. I can not remember the last time I paid full price for an article of clothing.


    I never make a new meal until I have eaten all of the meals that I have cooked so that I dont waste food or money

    Melissa Lawrence

    That’s a great tip Shaunie — congrats on winning this giveaway!


    Great idea regarding finding the lowest interest credit cards Janice! My one additional comment is to actually call your existing credit card companies and ask if they would lower your interest rate. If you mention that you’ve been a long time customer, and/or have paid all your monthly bills on time throughout the year, they’re usually happy to see if they can do something for you. I’ve done this a few times with my Bank of America and Discover cards and they’ve lowered my interest rate a few points! It really is true that you won’t get anything unless you ask for it!

    Another awesome site I go to every time when shopping online is – I almost never pay shipping and get some kind of discount when shopping online using this site. There are great iphone apps that earn money too, such as Jingit ( where you watch an ad, provide brief feedback, and earn instant cash. Online survey sites like and are great ways to earn gift cards and prizes too.


    I make many of the meals I see at restaurants instead of buying them out. I save a lot of money this way and they are better for me too. And they usually make larger portions. Thanks!
    romapup at gmail dot com


    Buy kids play clothes at Thrift store or my favorite..the Goodwill Bargain Barn where clothes are 1.25 a pound! Its pure heaven for me! When you have boys who are hard on pants and every pair they own has holes in the knee, this tip is for you! I also get great things for myself and my hubby.
    Also I encourage being a member of sites such as Kellogs, and get great full size samples for dinners etc as well as coupons and good recipes that dont break the bank or take up a lot of your time.


    I save all my coupons that I get with my receipt after shopping at the grocery store in one envelope in my purse. That way, when I’m making my list, I can just pull out the coupons to see what brands I should buy to save some money on.

    Kellyn Westra

    Before shopping online use t get coupon codes as mentioned above AND before you buy anything go to the site through or or and get cash back for a percentage of your purchase. 🙂


    I like Shaunie’s idea about food. If only everyone else could stop being so wasteful…

    Jenise Keys

    Awesome point about not buying anything you don’t love! I’m guilty of this…I buy things that are on sale, JUST because they’re on sale. Those few dollars here and there start to add up to a lot of money wasted on things you don’t need and don’t love…and don’t have room for. I’m going to try that this year! Thanks 🙂

    Tiffany Hios

    If you owe medical bills…and you call to pay and say that you heard that if you pay in full they reduce your bill by 25% they usually will just because people don’t often pay

    Jaime TerBush

    I never pay full price for anything. I use coupons on almost everything I buy, sometime getting stuff for free! My husband calls me a “couponist”, haha! I’m ok with this.


    E-mail or write to your favorite food companies, tell them you love their product and ask them if they have any coupons available. Oftentimes they will mail you some coupons.

    Suzanne Glaser

    Shop for store brand items. They are made at legitimate companies and cost so much less. Plus most stores will give you the name brand item or your money back if you are not satisfied. So you have nothing to loose while you find the ones that are really good deals!


    We hardly EVER purchase anything brand new at our house and you would never ever know-Goodwill and Ebay are awesome for high quality bargains-you just have to be diligent and selective. I’ve gotten everything from brand new Rockwell and Clarks shoes for $4.29/pr and an Anne Klein wool/cashmere blend coat for $7.99 to my engagement ring in a designer setting appraised at almost $10,000 for $1,800 by purchasing secondhand. I love being able to have what we want/need and still being able to pay the bills and put food on the table.


    I use a lot of couponing apps along with local couponing sites. Always make a list before you go to the store. I only stray from the list if a product is out of stock and if there is a one-chance clearance item that I really need! Good luck!!!

    Laura Jacobson

    I always watch the sales and buy according to whats on sale that week and plan our meals that way. If I am making a stir fry or something like that….normally they call for a pound of meat….I always double everything except the meat to save money. So we get alot more veggies in it. Goes alot farther….and we all have lunch for the next day to take to work.
    I also did just buy Carters winter coat for next year! Kohls had them on sale for 70% off yesterday and I had a percent off coupon too…so I got his $100.00 jacket for $20.00 for next winter! we know what color hats mittens and boots to look for on clearance or at garage sales this summer!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Laura, that is an amazing buy on that coat – congrats!! I love that store.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thank you all for your great comments and ideas. We picked a winner for this giveaway but check out all the other contests on the site. And here’s to saving money in 2013!