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    Newborns are not squirmy, they are actually quite still and calm. Wait till you’re changing a toddler– that’s squirmy. But anyhow, always have the wipes and diaper ready. The diaper should be opened up already and it’s nice if the wipes come straight from a warmer. It’s less shocking to the baby. Slip the new diaper under the baby before slipping the old one off, as they usually start pooping or peeing again as soon as the cold air hits their bottom. (I don’t have experience changing newborn boys yet, so I’m sure I’m missing something here.) Be very gentle when wiping and if needed, Boudreaux’s butt paste works wonders for diaper rash. Good luck!


    Definitely need a new diaper under before removing the old one!!! Learned that one the hard way… newborn son started pooping as soon as he was cleaned up and there was no diaper under to catch it!!! What a mess!! With a boy, I learned to slip a cloth over him at the same time I took off the old diaper. This saved me front getting sprinkled quite a few times!


    My best tip is to engage the baby with your voice or your touch or a toy. As thd baby gets older, it is definitely harder to keep the baby still. You’ve got to be quick.


    Be patient. Newborns tend to kick a lot more than you think they will. So be prepared with lots of wipes in case a little foot just so happens to make it in the poopy diaper. Something I learned with my second baby, have an organizer with wipes, diapers, diaper rash cream, lotion, and other “necessities” in every room you change diapers in- the baby room, your room, the living room, family room, etc. Its so much easier to not have to leave a room to change the many diapers through the day, especially the weeks after giving birth!!!


    If you have a baby boy make sure you point his “tweety” (as we call it in my house lol) southward! And gowns for night time are the best because it causes less disruption than messing with oh bottoms or sleepers that button around the legs.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi Jennifer, totally agree abut the “tweety” — great word! I didn’t like the gowns though b/c they had to go over the head to get on, that didn’t bug you?? M