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    Burping A Baby | Excessive burping

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    I love the Gerber cloth prefold diapers for burp rags. They are nice and absorbent and wash well.

    For burping I always make sure to tap or rub on the left side of my little guy’s back in the area where his stomach would be. Since he has reflux I can’t burp him on my lap as it puts added pressure on his tummy. He’s 6 months and breastfed and still needs to be burped!


    Always keep burp cloths extremely close and handy!!! Even if your child isn’t a huge spitter and you barely ever use it. There will be that day when they spit and if you are empty handed….you can be in trouble!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Sharon, totally agree! Happy Holidays to you!


    I was always told to hold the baby straight up and pat firm on the back but not too hard. You will need to keep patting till they burp. Try not to overfeed or they will spit up alot! It is best with newborns to burp at every 2 oz .


    I have six children, ages 10, 7, 6, 5, 2 and 5 months. I have found every baby to be different, that goes without saying. I believe being calm, not rushing to feed baby is essential. If you are someone like me who has 7 or 8 things that need to be done it feels like in 10 minutes!!! Stop, breath and relax. Anyway… After I feed my baby from nursing or a bottle ( I do both) I simply keep a burp cloth or receiving blanket nearby on my lap, and sit my baby up in my lap and talk to him. I I rub his back up and down, while he is sitting facing me. I believe a baby needs to be relax to have a good burp. Staring at mommy’s face and hearing her voice is the most awesome thing to a newborn or infant. Most of the time I sing a song and its wonderful.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Congrats Stephy, you are the winner of this giveaway! We will be in touch about your prize. Thanks for the great tip — it’s so true that they need to be relaxed.