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    Kay Saunders

    My baby isn’t here yet but this is good information to have. I love that you have this type of information on a bunch of different carriers. I feel that whichever one i choose i will have enough info to function as i please. Thanks, you’re awesome!

    Bena Wilbern

    Baby number 1 due in January, and I plan to breastfeed. This is wonderful information on how to breastfeed while carrying baby! 🙂


    Thanks so much for this giveaway! I’m due in January and this would be awesome to have!

    Jen H

    this is awesome!! we’re always nursing on the go!


    I LOVE nursing in a carrier. When new baby gets here next month – I plan to do it a lot.

    Theresa Hover

    We don’t have a carrier (and baby is still on the way) but I love that the Beco allows you to nurse on the go. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! We would love to win a Beco carrier that both me and my hubby could use; they seem really adjustable with the crossable straps. Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!


    Looks like a comfortable carrier. What a great giveaway!

    Erica P.

    It took us a bit to get good at it, but I love nursing in my carrier. I love how descreet it is.

    Christina Hum

    I haven’t tried to nurse in a soft carrier yet. So far I’ve only used a Moby wrap and I have to take lo out to nurse him. I like the options the Beco offers.

    Amy Lockard

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these.. more structured than a sling, which is what I have!


    I would love to give my sister in law this baby carrier! She just had a baby.

    LMarie Weeks

    We need a buckle carrier!! Thanks for the chance

    Megan Sanchez

    I would love to try a Beco! My baby loves being worn.

    Wendy Browne

    Thanks for the very detailed video on using the carrier.

    Stephanie M

    I have an ssc that’s a little more complicated (stokke) but hopefully this method still works. Wiggling him out and working around the carrier is just a huge pain.

    Jessie Hughes

    I never mastered nursing in the carrier with my first, but would love a new Beco to try with baby #2 (on the way!)


    I’d love to win one! Never tried the gemini before.


    Great video on how to nurse your baby in a carrier.

    Anel Winney

    Thanks for the video. Nursing in my ring sling makes me nervous, but this seems more structured! Thank you~

    Sarah Hayes

    this is a great option for busy moms. Id love to try a Beco

    Lori B.

    I love the idea of being able to breastfeed in this! I’ve tried in my ring sling but it didn’t quite work out 🙁

    Amanda Lea

    Thanks for the great tips! And thank you so much for the chance to win this awesome carrier!!


    Pics and videos are really helpful! Thanks!

    Cari Lingwood

    So many features! It would be so awesome to be able to nurse without stopping to find a good place to keep my 4yr old busy too

    Beth R

    Thank you for posting this! So much easier to understand when there are pictures!

    Kerri Hebard-Massey

    Would love a Beco for a friend who’s expecting!

    McKenzie Kuhns

    I’ve heard really great things about the Beco carriers, thank you for hosting this giveaway!


    I’ve been following the beco community page, and I’m really excited to try it! 🙂 .

    Amy Hall

    Would love to work on nursing in a carrier with the new one due in December. 🙂

    Melissa Lawrence

    That is SO exciting. Pls keep me posted!! You will have a cozy baby for winter!