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    omg! I am going crazy. My perfect sleeping angel is waking 3 or 4 times a night out of no where. She is 7 months. So I will try moving from 3 to 2 naps. Wish Me LucK!!!


    Oh man! My son is going to be one next Saturday and he’s still not sleeping through the night. I’ve given him a warm bath, warm bottle, gave him a snack before bed, he still wakes up!


    My little almost 9 months baby boy fights his sleep, I feed his enough milk and solid food through the day but he wakes up at night wanting milk but he won’t drink more than 1 oz … I put him to bed at 8:00 he wakes up around 7 – 7:30 his naps are a joke 20 min tops and I hate for him to take a late nap like at 5ish caz that would really make not go to bed till 9 he just hates sleeping and I’m about to shoot myself for waking up with several times at night and I’m full time working mom


    My 6 week old won’t sleep more than 10′ to 30′ during nap times and at night he might wake up every 45′ to 1 hour. He wakes up from painful gas. He has not slept 16hours since first weeks. Ii think he sleeps less than 10h/day and only if held he will sleep longer. I am desperate