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    Kathy Damron

    We plan to carve a “traditional” smiling jack-o-lantern with our big pumpkin and will let the two boys decorate their own little pumpkin with markers.


    My kids love making spooky and scary pumpkins! I think Halloween-time brings out the brave in them. 🙂

    Katherine T

    My girls are 3 & 4 so I pre cut out a bunch of different shapes from construction paper. I give them each a pile and first I let them move them all around on a big picture of a pupmkin. Once then have figured out which shapes they want to use on their own pumpkin then we tape them on and my husband and I cut them out. While we are cutting the girls are still playing with all the leftover shapes seeing what other faces they can make.


    We love to carve cartoon characters into our pumpkins for a more whimsical approach to decorating for the holiday

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for your great comments. We’ve selected our winner and are notifying her — we will post her name here and on our Facebook page in the coming days. Keep checking back for more giveaways and Happy Halloween!