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    It was the first thing I said when I saw the picture on the news. He’s not in his seat correctly, I am mostly worried about parents putting their own kids in like this, because it’s not easy to put them in right. But I do have to say they did not make 5 mistakes, as a chest buckle is not allowed in carseats in Europe and also some manufacturers over here say to keep the handle up when the seat is fixed. So only 3 to EU norms, but still…

    Melissa Lawrence

    Mima, thanks, someone else made the same point, so I apologize for getting that wrong… Thanks for writing in.


    just a heads up- car seats in the uk (and europe) don’t have chest buckles… they are a bit controversial. other than that, i agree that someone should have helped this new mom and dad and taught them about car seat safety! i’m surprised they didn’t do the research themselves, but lord knows none of us is perfect.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Elizabeth, thanks for making this point, some others did as well, and yes, none of us get anything perfect, that is definitely true.

    Tara Wiese

    Yesterday when I watched the video of them leaving the hospital, I IMMEDIATELY noticed that Prince William didn’t put the handle in the down position. Today I googled, “royal baby carseat installed” to find any mom sites noting on it. I didn’t see any still photos until your post. Wow, just wow. Number 1 priority seems that it would to keep a future king safe, right?

    Melissa Lawrence

    I don’t know how the whole thing happened, but I don’t think it will happen again!


    First of all yes there were mistakes, but who doesn’t make mistakes being a first time parent??? I know I did and have learned from them tremendously. Secondly European carseats do NOT have chest clips, so there is no reason to say that was wrong, because there isn’t one there to put “in place, tight and high against the chest, at arm-pit level”. And thirdly, most infant carseats now a days (here is a spreadsheet that explain how many allow it to be up. <- came from The CarSeat Lady) allow the carrying handle being up, as well as in other positions, That is specific to the seat, just read the manuals. Yes, he was swaddled and that's a no no as well as the straps weren't tight enough. That's 2 things wrong.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks for writing in, I appreciate what you are saying… and it’s not about how many things were wrong, it’s just the whole issue that I think confused me and some other folks! And I appreciate the insights about European carseats.


    Just so you know the UK does not have chest clips for their car seats…

    Melissa Lawrence

    Marie, thanks for clarifying that point.


    yes, yes, yes!! I commented on this on Facebook. I hope someone in England informs the new parents about carseat safety and that a swaddle or any blanket, coat, snowsuit, etc. has no place in a carseat.

    We have a teachable moment for all parents here in the U.S. and I hope the news media features this!

    Melissa Lawrence

    I know, you just worry that other parents will say, oh, it doesn’t matter so much. Thanks for commenting!


    Agree with many of your comments – somebody came into the hospital to do Kate’s hair, but nobody bothered or dared to correct them on the correct car seat procedure. It is hard to be new parents… but this is why many of us take birthing classes. One point however, in the UK the handle is used as a roll bar, which means when the car is moving it is meant to be positioned up.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Appreciate your clarifying that. Thanks for commenting!


    I’ve mentioned on other forums my concern regarding how the baby was placed in the car seat. I couldn’t believe how a majority of the comments indicated that there was no need for concern. If someone did express concern they were flamed and deemed to be ‘over- the- top’. I’m not from the US so I am beginning to think is it a cultural thing not to be too worried about the incorrect use of car seats. In my country it is considered to be one of the most important things to get right for your child.

    I find comments that say we should give them a break and that they were under pressure are absolutely ridiculous! I too as a first- time spent a lot of time researching different car seats, reading reviews and talking to suppliers. We too spent considerable time fitting it ourselves and reading the manual.
    I don’t think their error was due to being under pressure, but simply not taking the iniative themselves to find out how to transport their baby correctly.

    Melissa Lawrence

    HI Sonya, thanks for writing in and for the support, I have to say that I agree with you!


    while im sure the prince and princess researched some bit on how to be parents, I’m not sure royals would actually take a “parenting class”. as for them leaving the hospital, I can only imagine every single person biting their tongue because you would never tell a royal, not only what to do, but that they are doing it wrong. There are rules in England for addressing royalty (never turn your back on the queen, don’t speak unless spoken to etc). And I’m sure Will and Kate would have rather someone had spoken up, but no one had the guts to do it!

    Melissa Lawrence

    I think you are right. Amazing, right? Thanks for weighing in, Marianne!