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    Lavena Marion

    This is so cool. My son is 8 months old and I would love the convenience of putting his homemadeb baby food in these pouches!


    So great, right? Good luck in the giveaway!


    My little miss independent 9 month old loves pouches because she can feed herself.


    Aw, then these would be perfect for her! 🙂

    Kay Saunders

    The squeeze packets are soo cute!! 😀


    Super cute! I’m glad you think so too 🙂


    My little boy loves food in little pouches, these would be perfect!

    Noelle Carroll

    This is just so perfect for little tummys! So healthy and fun to eat and the packaging is adorable

    Shirley Smith

    Thank you for the review! Seems so easy to use and take everywhere we go. And I know they will be great in the car for our drives.

    Tracy Pereyra

    This product is such an adorably clever way to get picky eaters to be more prone to eating due to the packaging

    Caroline S

    I have this on my baby registry! Looks awesome.


    Yay! So glad to hear you’re already a fan 🙂


    I love the concept of this. It’s great that you can make homemade baby food and take it on the go. How perfect!


    Me too! Such a great concept, right? Thanks for watching!

    Beth Hern

    Thanks for the review. This is such a great concept and very clever.


    Thanks for checking it out, Beth! Squooshi is awesome 🙂

    Priscilla Seay

    thank you for reviewing this product !


    Thanks so much for watching! So happy to introduce it to you.

    H.T. Boland

    Stick mixers are so handy! Mine is on its last leg so this would be perfect. Thanks for the review!


    I agree! This is such an easy to use and handy product. Good luck to you!

    regina elliott

    Thanks for the review very informative


    Thanks for watching! Very glad to hear it 🙂

    Sandra Watts

    I have a newborn granddaughter and three other grandchildren I would like to see with these.