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    Melanie Corning

    the jacket dress and shoes all look great together. Styled so well

    shannon fowler

    I love this! Its still in the 90s here, so i haven’t been able to wear anything but summer clothes.

    Fran R.

    I’m looking for some quality vegan boots for fall/winter


    I don’t own any red skirts but I am going to get one that is gorgeous 🙂

    Samantha Michelle

    My favorite Fall trends are ankle boots and bomber jackets. I have been wearing sweaters, blazers and leggings lately

    Heather A.E.

    I haven’t really been wearing anything most people would associate with fall weather. I’m in the Southwest, so it’s still upwards of 90 degrees during the day. I’m dressed for summer still, so shorts and tanks for me!


    It’s still hot out here but I can’t wait to break out my sweaters and boots!

    Krista Miller

    I look forward to wearing sweaters


    Love sweaters! Thanks for entering, Krista!


    My army green parka and brown boots have gotten a lot of wear this fall!

    Saundra Bowers

    I like my big oversized light weight sweaters! I really like this outfit shown, red and black look so nice together!

    Bill Hoff

    Would like to surprise my wife with those gold studded sandals!

    Christine Lewis

    love the outfit. I did not get any stuff handed down.

    Rachel B

    Great looking outfit., thanks for this great giveaway

    Mary Gardner

    It is still fairly warm here but I have worn a few sweaters and lightweight jackets. I haven’t pulled out the boots and scarves and hats yet.


    it is very sweet that you honored her by wearing her handbag. I’m wearing sweaters. It is cold and damp here.

    Buddy Garrett

    We have been wearing sweaters. My wife loves wearing boots.

    Samantha Martin

    You remind me of Angela from the office!

    Jerry Marquardt

    The outfits all look so beautiful. I appreciate such a fine line of clothing.