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    I usually make sure a stroller fits our lifestyle: can we take it to the park? To the beach? On trail hikes? To the gate at the airport? Or does it need to get checked as luggage? Can the tires handle it? Can the little one nap comfortably?

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks for commenting!! This one is good for a little one’s nap! xo M

    Laura Conway

    I want it to be lightweight, collapse easily, fit in the car easily and be versatile for a large range of age and sizes.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Laura, this definitely fits those criteria so it sounds like it would be great for you!!


    I’m expecting now and the main thing I’m looking for in a stroller is something that is light weight and versatile. I live in NYC as well and have family all around the city so this stroller whether I like it or not will end up commuting on the subway and the last thing I need is to have to deal with a baby, a clunky heavy stroller and rude passengers.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Lissette, this is a great stroller for a city mom! Thanks for checking out CloudMom!! xo M

    Rosario gutierrez

    I look for portability, light weight, easy to navigate strollers. I want to be able to get in and out of stores with out much hassle.


    This is such an awesome stroller. I’m expecting our second child, but they are 11 years apart so we don’t have anything from the first baby. But I look for safety, convenience and price.


    I have Bumbleride! We have a large model and have been seriously considering getting a Flite.

    Melissa Lawrence

    How do you like the Bumbleride??


    I need a carriage that folds easily and doesn’t take up a lot of room.


    I am due in December with my first, and the only stroller experience I have is from babysitting many years ago. As a stroller is a piece of equipment that will be used daily I expect it to be both comfortable and safe for Baby and Mommy! I am looking for something that is lightweight and easily portable,for normal daily use that can grow with my baby, and this looks like a good one! Thanks for the great review! 🙂

    Melissa Lawrence

    Heather, I think this could be a great option for you! Congrats on your baby and thanks for coming to CloudMom!


    Omg the colors!!! I pretty much look for safety make sure its easy and fast to put baby in and out without a hassle easy to open and fold and carry. Also the size I don’t like to put the stroller in the back of my truck so it has to b able to fit under the seats.


    I would try and find one that is lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of space folded up.


    I love that it’s so versatile. My stroller that attaches my car seat is so big, it takes all the room in the trunk of my car. I would love/need to have this stroller.Unfortunately I don’t qualify for the giveaway since I live in Canada.


    This stroller looks amazing. Love that little universal adjustable piece for the car seat. So practical. I’m currently in need of one for my 1 year old as he has out grown the one he has now.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I agree — the car seat feature is incredible!! Thanks for commenting! xo M


    I look for something lightweight and infant compatible!

    Stevie Luyando

    I look for storage space, and I like my strollers to be comfy for my son!!

    Casey H

    As thus would be our first , we’re fairly green on what to look for, but personally I’m not a huge person so I need something lightweight and easily collapsible.


    I love strollers with all the features and easy assemble


    I need a stroller that is easy to open and fold and doesn’t fit awkwardly in the car. I also want one that doesn’t bounce my baby around when rolling over bumps in the sidewalk. Bonus if it can handle grass well!

    I love your site!

    I look for safety and style in a stroller..


    The first thing I look for is weight , easy to fold /open and storage (size )

    Melina P.

    Hi!! I’m so glad that I discovered your blog and vlog. I am a first time mom, expecting in December!! I loved your vlog series on newborns! And more. 🙂 I have been searching for a stroller that I would love for a long time. The main thing that I look for in a stroller is the lifespan and cost. I don’t want to pay a lot for an infant stroller then turn around and get another stroller when they are bigger. I definitely want something that will grow with my baby boy! This stroller is perfect for that!


    I look for durability and the ability to bring it everywhere.

    Amanda F.

    I look for portability, comfort, and durability. I buy things that will last a long time.


    In a stroller I look first for the style – I like solid, bright or bold colors. Next I look for how heavy it is… it needs to be light enough for me to carry to the car/take out by myself. It also needs to be fairly easy to set-up, unlike my current one where I feel like I am constantly watching youtube videos to remember how to use it. A nice big basket under the carriage would also be at the top of list. My current stroller has a tiny one!
    For baby I want to make sure it has a nice big shade I can pull over to protect my little from the sun. ♡

    Stacey Roberson

    I look for a stroller that’s lightweight, durable and easy to clean.


    A stroller needs to be simple and easy to use. It being lightweight is also key for me!

    Nikki t.

    A stroller with enough space to hold his diaper bag and my stuff as well. Also something that’s comfortable for him to take naps in and won’t cost an arm and a leg!

    Britni Bradford

    safety, function, style – and flip flop friendly


    Love this stroller! I love how small it collapses to! Mine is HUGE and takes up all of our trunk space!

    michelle gomez

    What I look for in a perfect stroller is a smooth ride for my baby especially when going through sidewalks that are badly paved, which is an issue that I face with my umbrella stroller, my baby looks like she is holding on to dear life.I have a jeep urban terain stroller that is 2nd hand, and that thing weighs,and takes up some space.And I live on the 3rd floor with no elevator.I need something between a good well built stroller and lightweight as an umbrella stroller. A reclining stroller that goes so back that my baby rest comfortably instead of adjusting her head so she won’t be slumped over. A stroller that can be used from birth to being a toddler. Another thing is a sun canopy, The stroller has to hold up good too even if I clip my diaper bag to the handles I have to make sure it does not fall back like my umbrella stroller.Good breaks, and what kind of seat belt or harness it has. Easy to fold out and fold back in. last but not least the color. Hey!! the Bumbleride 2013 flite stroller looks and sounds like the perfect stroller for me and my babygirl

    Melissa Lawrence

    You sound like my kind of mom! That’s pretty close to the wear and tear I put my strollers through! i think this is a great option for you. xo M

    michelle gomez

    Hey thanks Melissa. And thank you for your great reviews and tips. You have helped me alot. I’m a first time mom. It isn’t easy being a mom sometimes but its all worth it.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I know, it is very overwhelming and exhausting sometimes!! I really appreciate your writing in. Have a great day!


    Light-weight, functional, and easy to maneuver in a crowd.


    I look for a stroller that is easy to collapse, carry, and load into the car. I also like it to be sturdy and able to handle different types of terrain. I want it to be comfortable for my baby and a good height that makes it comfortable for me to use as well.

    anne stewart

    I look for style, easy to collapse, and lightweight!

    Natalie S

    I look for a stroller that reclines, has excellent and easy maneuverability and fold, and comfortable for baby. This one looks great! Would love to win it 🙂

    Melissa Lawrence

    HI Nathalie, I think it does fit those criteria!! Hope you win too! xo M


    I look for a stroller that will be easy to store when I am not using it. Also one that is comfortable for the baby.

    bailey salazar

    In a stroller I look first for the style – I like solid, bright or bold colors. Next I look for how heavy it is… it needs to be light enough for me to carry to the car/take out by myself It also needs to be fairly easy to set-up, unlike my current one where I feel like I am constantly watching youtube videos to remember how to use it. A nice big basket under the carriage would also be at the top of list. My current stroller has a tiny one!
    For baby I want to make sure it has a nice big shade I can pull over to protect my little from the sun and comfortable straps ♡


    this one does look good. i like that its umbrella stroller but has all the extra goodies too

    Liberty T.

    I always look for a great style, ease of folding the stroller, and a large storage basket.


    I love this stroller how it will fit my baby from newborn to toddler. I also love the feature that can fit when the baby lay down or sit up. I don’t have to worry about the child’s safety when in the stroller. It seems to be light weight and easily use, open up, and fold down.

    Melissa Lawrence

    For a light stroller, it is very versatile! You are right! xo M


    I look for great style, ease of use, and stroller weight. This one looks great!


    I look for a stroller that is lightweight, affordable and durable.


    I love that this stroller is light weight and it is usable from newborn! I want one!!


    I look for one that will be comfortable for my baby!

    Ambar Paniagua

    Im loving what I see 🙂 this stroller is perfect for a ftm
    I love that its light weight and that It has a universal adaptor for infant car seats. Its like an all in one stroller without all the bells and whistles. Love it

    Melissa Lawrence

    Ambar — totally agree — it is so simple and just what you need! xo M


    The Bumbleride 2013 Flite Stroller look way good, easy to use.

    Heidi Hiller

    It must be easy to fold, carry and place into a car!! Portability for sure!!


    Wow this stroller looks so great. I wish I knew about it and had one. I so want my infant car seat to fit/click in a light weight stroller. I need a compact stroller which fit in my car and house. Thank you.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I like your name! This sounds like a great option for you… crossing my fingers for you! xo M


    I look for safety and convenience in a stroller 🙂

    Ashley Tucker

    I look for one that is easy to maneuver.

    jeannine s

    I loove for how easy it is to fold, cup holders, how bug cover is for sun protection

    Melissa Douglass

    I love that it is easy to use and that you can use it from newborn to toddler!! That is totally what I am looking for!


    I like a stroller that has good wheels and can handle bumps on the sidewalk

    Jennifer K C

    In a stroller I look for quality, a decent price point, durability, ease of use, and lastly style!

    Melissa Lawrence

    YOu are only of the only people who wrote style!! I think this one has some style, but puts the practicality first.

    Aly M.

    I look for durability (fabric, wheels, weight limits, etc.), a large canopy and total weight – I have a sedan and it can be so hard to manage a heavy stroller when putting it into the trunk!

    Melissa Lawrence

    I hear ‘ya on that one! Especially after you’ve loaded a baby in a car seat into the car!

    Marilyn Nawara

    I look at safety first and then features. Like a high quality stroller.

    Sharill Yalisse

    What I am looking for in a stroller? I am looking for lightweight, easy carry and portability (umbrella style) because we travel a lot. Also, something that can be used from infant to toddler that can fit my growing family. I would love to fit and infant carseat in the stroller, but that is not a deal breaker if it doesn’t work. That’s about it.

    Jessica Parks Wiese

    I look for a lightweight, easy to fold stroller.


    I look for versatility (ability to use carseat, no need to buy another stroller as baby grows, etc.)

    Melissa Lawrence

    this would be good for that since it goes from newborn to toddler!


    I look for sturdy wheels on a stroller.

    Melissa Lawrence

    sturdy wheels are a huge priority for me too!


    I like a stroller that is sturdy, lightweight, easy to collapse and has plenty of storage area.

    Reagan Quinn

    I look for shade for my poor pale babies! also a stroller that will work in the grocery store or on a bumpy walking path. That way I don’t need to carry my bulky stroller with me in the car. I would love this!


    I look for a stroller that is lightweight and easy to steer.


    Safety and ease of use are most important to me.


    I need this stroller!! My 2nd baby is 7 months old and I am in need of a stroller that is easy to get in and out of the car. I am sooo tired of using the snap and go type since she is getting heavy now!!!

    Rochel S

    ease of maneuverability and lightweight


    I always look for a stroller that is comfy for the kids, easy to use, fits in my car, etc. Bonus points if it folds easily and is light enough for me to carry one handed while carrying a kid!

    Cassandra Eastman

    I look for a stroller that is easy to fold, has a large canopy, adjustable leg rest and has a nice push! The bumbleride flite sound like an amazing lightweight stroller, perfect for everyday and travel!

    Terry Maigi

    I look for a stroller that is easy to turn and maneuver. Also, I want it to be comfy for my little one!


    I look for lightweight and style in my strollers!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Check out the Ingelsina Swift which we are reviewing today!

    Christina H

    I look for versatility to go with our active lifestyle, longevity to last through multiple children, and if it’s lightweight enough to travel around on public transportation, since we live in the city.

    Adrianna Butler

    I like a lightweight stroller that is easy to put away, and maneuvers well!


    I look for a stroller that’s tall enough since we’re a tall couple.

    Trasina McGahey

    I look for ease of use. It needs to be easily collapsible because nobody wants to be standing there fighting the stroller.


    I look for portability, light weight, easy to navigate strollers. I want to beable to get it in and out of my car by myself

    Nichol Tone

    I look for the weight of the item and compact size of it

    Kristin Welch

    I look for a stroller that fits our needs all around; big enough to fit my child, easy to maneuver, doesn’t take up a whole lot of space when it’s folded up and can also store a bag easily instead of having to fight to get a diaper bag out of the under basket.


    Lightweight, reclines, folds up tight and is easily carried are the four qualities I’m searching for lately! Am looking into the Maclaren Quest as well…thanks for this!

    vena silverstein

    I look for lightweight, durable, functionality, and style

    Mary Dailey

    Comfort features are important to me and is it easy to store.

    molli vandehey

    comfort for babyu is most important

    Kasia T.

    It seems like it’s a stroller that has all the features I want. Thanks for the review!

    Kasia T.

    I like that this stroller is so lightweight, but has the features I want – adjustable back rest and leg rest!

    Hector O

    Super light and it can attach the car seat.


    I am looking for something compact and light weight