Why My Parenting Tips Failed

Hi everybody!  So a few weeks back, I posted a video with a new plan I had hatched regarding raising my kids.  My idea was to essentially make each child responsible during one day of any given week for all the various complaints, requests and demands directed at me.  Think “Mommy, can I have some milk?,” “Mommy, where are my googles?,” “Mommy, I’m thirsty!”

Why My Parenting Tips Failed

Behind my plan stood the goal of having my children learn how to be more independent, and also more self-aware.  I wanted them to realize how their demands affect others, namely me — ha h).  A few of you wrote in asking whether the plan succeeded.

In today’s video, I answer that question in detail.  To give you a hint, the short answer is NO!  Actually, it backfired.  My first lieutenant Hedley understood his new commission to be a dictatorship and began shooting out orders and punishments: “you, go to your room!”, “you, no more TV for a week,” “you, no ice cream tonight.”  He missed the helping others sort out their needs part of the equation.  I guess that’s what makes him a kid.  Can you blame him?

So after one brief attempt at raising more independent children who understand the meaning of autonomy, I abandoned ship.  I’m not giving up on the goal, but I need a better way to get there.


In today’s video, I describe the whole experience and give some parenting tips based on what HAS been working for me this summer as a mom.  Have a look and let me know what your ideas are, and if you agree with me.

Thanks for watching!