The Importance of Prenatal Vitamins

This post is sponsored by Care/of and the GOOD + Foundation. 

Calling all pregnant women! We’ve all heard about the importance of vitamins during pregnancy. Research shows that taking folic acid can reduce the risk of birth defects in infants by 72%. For this reason, doctors advise that women begin taking prenatal vitamins early, even before conception.The Importance of Prenatal Vitamins

Yet despite how crucial prenatal vitamins are, access to them remains brutally unequal. For many women in the U.S., the cost of prenatal vitamins remains cost-prohibitive.

In order to raise awareness of this huge problem for our mothers and children, the new company Care/of has partnered with GOOD + Foundation to distribute prenatal vitamins to women in need. Launching in November, this new healthy vitamin company has made a list available to collect email addresses. For each 20 email addresses on the list, Care/of will contribute a month’s worth of prenatal vitamins to a New York City woman in need.The Importance of Prenatal Vitamins

So when you sign up — and get your friends to sign up — you’re helping moms-to-be do the best they can for their babies.

For every 20 people on the waitlist, 1 women will get a month of premium quality prenatal vitamins!!

And here’s more. When you or a friend signs up for this pre-launch wait list, the following super perks will come your way:
*Invite 3 friends – get 1 week free
*Invite 10 friends – get 1 month free
*Invite 100 friends – get 1 year free

So make sure to sign up today, and to spread the word. Go here.

Care/of is focused on creating vitamins with the highest quality ingredients available, which I for one can’t wait to learn more about. Although I take supplements, I frequently worry about what’s in them. Since the vitamin industry is not as closely regulated as are food products or pharmaceuticals, we know less about them than we should. Care/of will solve that problem by providing healthy vitamins to take during pregnancy for moms-to-be. For after pregnancy, Care/of will provide a vitamin regime targeted to your particular health needs. I’m SO excited to learn more about this new company and it’s products since I personally put so much stake in healthy products.

Thanks so much for reading.

Remember, the world’s babies are our babies.

The world's babies are our babies

Love, Melissa

This post is sponsored by Care/of. CloudMom received monetary compensation for this post.