Support for your Sleeping Child: Sleep Zzz Pillow

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Nothing eludes us parents more than a good night’s sleep. We think back to our single days nostalgically, remembering sleeping late and breakfasts that turned into brunch. Irony is that whereas we dream about sleep oftentimes our children either struggle with their zzz’s or lack interest entirely. Beds to them can seem like punishment, prison — they feel banished, “kept away” from the warm arms of their parents.

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Support for your Sleeping Child: Sleep Zzz Pillow

Ways for Kids to Sleep Better

Well, one innovative product has taken these warm arms and converted them into a body pillow that makes sleep time just as cozy as a warm hug. Welcome Sleep Zzzz Pillow. This creative pillow — whose sister product the Twin Z Pillow (for breastfeeding twins) was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank — offers up comfort and security to young children who struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep.

Originally created for a children with sensory issues, the Sleep Zzzz pillow boasts a super soft removable cover that is easy to pop into the washing machine. Check out how much my girls fell in love with their new friend:Sleep Zzz Pillowsleeping childThe pillow surrounded each of their growing bodies with soft, snuggly warmth, making bedtime much cozier and comforting.sleep better with Sleep Zzz PillowSleep Zzz Pillow reviewAnnaliese went so far as to adopt the pillow for reading time!Sleep Zzz body pillow for kidsTrouble for us is that now Annaliese and Marielle argue endlessly over who gets the pillow. So we’ve created a schedule and alternated nights. And another pillow has ended up on Marielle’s Santa list. Go figure.

Sometimes you have to reach out and try something new. My girls tend to be solid sleepers, so I wouldn’t have thought about investing in this product at this point in our lives. Yet I am so happy I came to know it because now, each one of my children will be receiving one of these wonderful pillows for Christmas. I know they’ll be grateful.

Happy early holiday, CloudMamas and papas, and don’t forget to enter our kids sleep giveaway to win one of two Sleep Zzz pillows each with one cover plus an extra!



Sleep Zzz Pillow Giveaway

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Sleep Zzz Pillow Giveaway

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