Quality Time on the Way to Madrid with the Girls

Hello everybody. Melissa here back with another travel video.  As moms, we do the best we can in balancing work and family life.  That rings true for me as a blogger, as well.  I’m tracking my family’s adventures this summer with a little series of travel videos, not intending to step away from our “how to” video fare, but just taking the opportunity to share what we’re experiencing.  I hope you guys like the videos!  Rest assured that I’ll be back with all things baby, toddler and kid related come fall if not before.
Quality Time on the Way to Madrid with the Girls
A few weeks back I took my two girls to Madrid for the weekend.  We boarded the speed train from Barcelona and arrived in Madrid 2.5 hours later.  The girls had fun on this miraculously fast train with their sticker books (which I highly recommend for this age!).
I’m always looking for new ways to spend time with my kids, and love mixing up the composition.  It’s been great to have my girls to myself this summer for small bits while my boys experienced sleep away camp.  The youngest two of five, the girls are often caught in the shuffle during our daily life.  With me focused on the older boys game schedules and homework, I don’t have as much time with the girls as I would like.  So this little adventure was most welcome.
Today’s video takes you all on the train with us, and along for our first evening, which involved a special meal aimed at introducing the girls to some of the food in Spain, and the lights of this magical city at night.
Hope you like the video and thanks so much for watching.