Parenting Tweens: Homework Stations

Hi there!  Melissa here, and what a rainy, grey Tuesday it is here in NYC.  Sigh!  Today’s video is about change.  If you’re anything like me, you hate change.  Yet change, especially with kids, not only comes, it comes fast.  When your kids’ needs change and you, mama or papa, are not prepared, your household can go topsy-turvy in an instant.  That’s what happened to us this past September and that’s the subject of today’s video.
Parenting Tweens: Homework Stations
Those of you who have followed my site know how wedded I am to the baby years.  I loved having my babies, breastfeeding my babies, stuffing their changing tables full with extra supplies, filling their rooms with infant and toddler books and toys, and then holding on that nursery furniture as if it would allow me to hold onto those baby years.  Well, it just so happens that like everyone else’s little ones, mine are growing up fast, and they no longer need the nursing chair or the changing table.  To the contrary, they need desks.  My boys (two of whom are tackling Middle School homework every night, and the other of whom is just starting to get assignments) each need a study station: a quiet, private place to sit and get work done, and also some personal “real-estate”, so to speak, a place to themselves carved out of our busy, bustling apartment.  My younger girls,  meanwhile, need a place to do art projects and draw.
SO, after years of hesitation and indecision, this here mama was forced to pile her nursing chair and changing table into her mother’s station-wagon (for safe-keeping for the grandchildren — ha ha) to make way for the future.  I found some super desks on IKEA which are due to arrive any day, along with some adjustable practical kids’ desk chairs.
As nostalgic as I am for my kids to be babies again, I’m excited to be supporting them as growing students.  Here’s to new horizons, to embracing your child as a growing, changing being, and to having the strength to let the past go and embrace the future.  Here’s to being a Mom of preteens.
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