Kid Fashion: Girls Dress for Winter

HI everyone.  Back today with another fashion post!  I’ve always been a lover of girls smocked dresses.  To me, there is something so sweet about seeing a little girl in a classic way dressed just as she would have been 50 years ago.

We recently had an important occasion for which I needed to dress Marielle, and we chose this red smocked dress and white Peter Pan collar blouse.  (Marielle added her favorite wand, but that is not part of today’s fashion post – ha ha).

Here in NYC, cold weather dressing begins in mid-November and out come the warm tights, the wool dresses and sweaters, and the heavier coats.  My girls do love skirts, so we pair those with enough good leg wear to keep them cozy.


To me, the look was classic yet fun.  Marielle certainly felt like she had a special day ahead of her.   As soon as we excited our apartment, she began waiving that wand around like it was nobody’s business.


How do you all dress your girls for a special occasion in the winter?

Please comment and thanks so much for reading!