Kid Fashion: Classic Girls Dress

Hello everyone! I’ve been open in the past about how much my family has come to rely on hand-me-downs.  Two of my best pals, Tamela and Julia, have bestowed on us such wonderful dresses, coats, shoes and boots for my girls.  Both of them have great taste, and how lucky I am to be the beneficiary of their own fashion hunts.  When your child dons something that a close friend or family members child has worn, that item of clothing pops a little “specialness” into your day.  It makes me feel like we do live in a little village and can help each other out in all ways, big and small.

Yesterday, Marielle chose one such dress and matched it with her favorite pair of purple socks.  Although I would have chosen white socks, to avert a battle, I let her have her way.  The dress could easily be worn for a special occasion, but it looked cute for school too with candles and a light cardigan.  We set off for school.

classic girls dress

classic girls dress

Classic girls clothes have always appealed to me since they stand the test of time.  This particular style with a Peter Pan collar, small floral print, wide skirt, and synched bodice is comfortable and feminine and something I could have worn when I was a child.  So maybe someday my granddaughters or a friend’s will be wearing this little number too. girls special occasion dress

girls special occasion dress

Had I NOT allowed Marielle to pick out her own socks, you would not have seen these victorious smile.

classic girls dress paired with a simple cardigan

As we walked the last block to the preschool my family has now attended for 11 years straight, I realized that Tamela’s daughter Serena, now 15, may have worn this dress to the very same school 11 years ago, when she was four.  While that idea had me tearing up, Marielle bolted off to tell her teacher.

classic girls dress paired with a simple cardigan

The traditional girls dress proved perfect for this final sprint, since it’s so wide and comfortable.

classic girls dress paired with a simple cardiganI’m so grateful to have such wonderful friends that enrich our lives,

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Check back in next week for another fashion post!