How to Choose a Baby Name

A mom wrote in asking for baby name help! Since I did have to find five baby names in six years, I was happy to discuss our approach in today’s video.

How did you go about choosing a baby name? Comment below since we’d love to hear about it!

How to Choose a Baby Name

To start, head online. For classic baby names or ideas for names that tie into your cultural background (in our case, Sweden, Ireland and Russia), niche baby name sites are a great resource. The Social Security Administration also publishes a list each year of the most popular baby names in the U.S. – check that out for ideas!

Tips for Picking a Baby Name

We had a very particular baby naming strategy. We chose unique names for first names, and classic family names for second names. We figured that our kids could always opt to use their middle names should they not like their first names – sort of like having “name insurance”!  This allowed us to pay tribute to our beloved relatives some of whom are no longer with us.
You're going to name me what?!

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