Finding Color in Winter — Our Family’s Week

Hello everyone.  It’s been a bitter cold winter here in New York and keeping your spirits up when you spend the whole day taking your gloves and your hat and your coat and your boots on and off is not the easiest.

family weekly wrap upPin for later!

I read somewhere recently that part of being happy resides in finding joy in the small moments, the everyday moments.  As my children have grown, and I’ve grown up as a mom, I do feel that I take these moments less for granted than I did before.  With Hedley now 10, I look at Marielle (4) and know that sooner than I will like, she’ll be there too.  So I have to enjoy her now.  I have to enjoy NOW.  That’s why I’ve started writing this little family wrap-up blog, because it helps me focus on the beautiful things behind all the rush, stress, organization and hassle that hampers my everyday life as a Mom.

Here are some of our family’s joyful moments from the last week.

Lachlan (9) played in his first real basketball game.  Our family loves basketball (my Dad actually played college basketball) and I’ve encouraged all my kids to play, but at the beginning of this winter season, Lachlan told me “basketball is just not my sport Mom, soccer is my sport“, insisting that he did not want to play.  As is usually the case, I didn’t take no for an answer, and I put him in a weekend clinic.  We’ve also gone to a lot of games at the boys’ school, which is two blocks away.  Through watching these older boys play, Lachlan got inspired and during his first game, he stole the ball quite a few times, whipping down the court.  Shooting is another story (we’re working on that).  But I felt so proud at how into it Lachlan was, at how hard he tried…”That kid is a rascal,” another parent said.  That comment really made me smile.

basketball game

Annaliese has become my little helper in the kitchen; she doesn’t think it’s fair if she is not allowed to help.  We made French toast again yesterday and we made potatoes au gratin Saturday night.  The potatoes had an overly generous amount of cheese, but didn’t seem the worse for it.

making potatoes

Marielle now wants to pose for photos in her own original style, and here’s an example.  The skirt she’s wearing was knit 40 years ago by my Mother for me to wear to school.  It fits her perfectly.

perfect fit

This morning I went for a yummy coffee with a really nice Mom, taking the time although I felt frantic with 100 unread emails.  She’s the kind of person who just listens and doesn’t judge.  I’m making a concerted effort to spend time with people like this who pick you up, versus those who can bring you down or make you feel left out.  And to enjoy the moment rather than get enveloped in what I have to do.  As I look back on my day, I don’t remember the emails I answered but I do remember that time with my friend.

yummy coffee


  • Write more blog posts and upload more videos (they’re sitting on my phone)
  • Get my washer-dryer fixed (it’s been broken for 6 months and we’re using the building’s machine).  Yup.
  • Do my PT for my hamstrings — this is an injury I got last August through yoga, it’s getting better but I have to find 15 min a day to stretch them out…
  • Watch the end of the Oscar’s — I fell asleep during hour #2
  • Make some more gluten free chocolate chip cookies — try adding oatmeal and see what happens
  • See my sister — she only lives 30 minutes away and getting together on the weekend has become so difficult with our busy kids
  • Make a coffee date with some Moms I feel really comfortable with
  • Read more to Marielle.  She gets so many fewer books than my older boys do.  Lunch is the best time for this, so I just have to make it happen.

Wishing you an amazing week and thanks so much for supporting CloudMom.