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Hi everybody.  Welcome back to Cloudmom.  Every so often, a new product comes my way that I get so excited to introduce to our readers.  Well, today is such a day and read on for an innovative educational building system and a fantastic giveaway.


We have home of builders.  When my boys were little, they grew fond early on of all sorts of blocks for building.  My boys played with these blocks for years, but at a certain point they stopped because the blocks were no longer challenging.

My girls have proved no different.  Since they’ve been surrounding by blocks, they too grew fond of building all sorts of structures and cities, but after a while, they’re interest waned as the blocks no longer seemed fascinating.

When Kardtects approached me about doing a post and giveaway, I investigated their building cards and said a hearty YES.  A box of cards arrived at our house and since then, nearly every day my kids have been in our den challenging each other to build a castle that won’t fall.  There is a technique to follow and it has to be done “just so” in order to get the castle to stand up! Meanwhile, the cards are imaginative since as the kids are playing they’re making up stories about all the things that could be happening in and around the castle.

Of all the building games we’ve found thus far, this has been the one that the kids have taken too the most.


This step might look easy but when you try it you’ll see that you have to be very precise in terms of how you lay the cards atop each other.


You seem some big smiles here and that’s because by the time they got to this point, my girls truly were proud of what they’d been able to accomplish.  Since building Kardtects takes time, strategy, care and patience, it encourages your kids to not give up, encouraging resilience which is such an important characteristic for our kids.



When we made it to the third floor, there was no stopping us!  We were determined to see our castle grow in size.


Up, up, up she went and out went the smiles and sense of having worked hard at something and accomplished a challenging task.


And then, the “ta da” moment.


building-activity-for-kidsThis is just the beginning with Kardtects.  The sets can be expanded and your kids can build castles and other structures higher and higher, meaning that the challenge never ends.

I truly cannot say enough about these wonderfully enriching and stimulating toys!!  Try them for your kids and you won’t regret it.  Kids truly become the architects, and see a structure go up that they took care to build.

Make sure to enter our giveaway below!  We’re thrilled to be offering two sets of the Grisroc Castle Set you see here.  Crossing my fingers for you! xo Melissa

Kardtects Giveaway

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Kardtects Giveaway

This is a sponsored post.  CloudMom received monetary compensation for this post.  The opinions expressed in this post are genuine and my own.  

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