Breastfeeding and Oral Health for New Moms

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Hello Mamas!  Back with another Tuesday how-to video.  Today we’re thinking about all you new mamas out there and guess what else, your lovely teeth!

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With all the hustle and bustle surrounding your new baby’s life, dental hygiene easily can fall by the wayside. I know, I’ve been guilty of this, too! However, getting enough calcium and taking care of your teeth is more important for you than ever!  In today’s video, I’m discussing the importance of dental hygiene as one of the  breastfeeding basics — it’s that crucial!

Nutrition While Breastfeeding

For healthy bones but also for healthy teeth and gums, my doctor explained to me that nursing mothers need to concentrate on getting their full daily dose of calcium and then some.   Why?  It’s pretty simple: breastfeeding a baby deeps your body’s calcium supply.  In order to keep calcium levels up, drink a lot of milk, and eat cheese, yogurt, broccoli and other calcium-rich foods.  Also, make sure you’re not skimping out on flossing and brushing either!   It’s sounds so gross but I remember collasping into bed at night and being too tired to brush my teeth properly and to floss.

Intaking a good supply of calcium while breastfeeding and going to the dentist regularly for checkups will help keep your pearly whites shining for years to come!  Watch my video for more and please weigh in with your own experiences.

How did take care of your teeth and bones during pregnancy and breastfeeding?  What are your favorite calcium-rich foods?  Please hare below and thank you so much for watching!