Best Baby Wipes for Diaper Changes

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Hello everyone!

Ever heard of the expression ‘soft as a baby’s bottom?’ When it comes to baby bottom care and keeping your newborn smelling fresh and staying clean, you’ll want to invest in the best diaper wipes! In this short little video, I quickly discuss why I love my favorite brand of baby wipes.

Baby wipe reviews

Pampers Baby Fresh

Actually, it is recommended that for the first few weeks, you shouldn’t be using a wipe on your baby’s bottom while diaper changing. Instead, most doctors recommend that in order to avoid any chemicals, a gentle toilet paper and some warm water should do just fine in cleaning your baby’s bottom. As your baby gets older, you’ll need wipes to clean their little tush.

In this clip, I show you the Pampers Baby Fresh wipes for sensitive skin. My whole family has very sensitive skin but these wipes have never caused any irritation! Also, it is very easy to pick up one at a time using just one hand…perfect for when you’re changing a diaper in a rush and have one hand on your baby! For more of my little baby wipe review, as well as a look at my favorite baby wipes case, check out the rest of my video!

Which brand of baby wipes did you choose for your baby diaper changes?  Comment below!