5 Tips for Pregnancy Nausea

Hi there mamas. Although very common in the early months of pregnancy, morning sickness can be hard to remedy. I had it a lot with my first and second pregnancies and for some reason, less with pregnancies three-five. I remember feeling so overtaken with nausea that I had to run away to the bathroom. The five tips I set forth in this video are the ones that really helped me – and I hope they help you too!

5 Tips for Morning Sickness

5 remedies for morning sickness

Number one — and I know I say this a lot — stay hydrated. Eight tall glasses of water a day. I would try to avoid sugary sodas, lemonades or anything with artificial sweeteners – not healthy enough for you right now. When in doubt, drink a glass of water. This will help alleviate the morning sickness and is heathly for your pregnancy anyway.

Number two, consider putting together an “emergency pack” with fresh scents, toothpaste and toothbrush (in case you do get sick), or even a scented hand lotion. Anything that can lift your spirits and help you feel clean and fresh.

Continuing on the scent front, nice-smells can work wonders. Ginger, for example, is said to be one of the most effective treatments for morning sickness. You can cut up pieces of root ginger and suck on them, or mix ginger in with your food.

For more tips, check out today’s video and please weigh in with your own.

Thanks for watching!