Track your Baby's Development


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    Briggy stum

    Hi Melissa! If baby has moved to cows milk how much of a “milk feeding” of cows milk should baby be receiving. Also, I’d like to continue breastfeeding so how does cows milk also fit into schedule? Thanks!


    My baby is 11 months but on a very similar schedule to this. He’s waking up 3 times or more at night! Any suggestions on helping him sleep through the night?



    Does this schedule work for 2 year old also who has 1 nap

    Janettee McCrary

    Do you have a schedule like this for a 2.5-3 year old? I can’t find one. Also one for after my little turns 18 mos old 😉 Thanks!

    Ally Clemmer

    I thought milk should come after their meals so they don’t fill up on milk and ruin their appetite. Suggestions on this?