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    Madewell is one of my most favorite stores, and they do have such nice jeans!

    Dana Rodriguez

    Cute outfit! I love the octavia tassel sandals they have on sale.


    I have never owned skinny jeans. They are cute.

    regina elliott

    I love all your pics and you have the best giveaways and we’ll just all around goodness


    Thanks, Regina! I appreciate you saying that!!

    Alicia Hewitt

    You look beautiful! I love those jeans and you wear them well!

    shannon fowler

    I love this outfit on you!


    Aw thank you, Shannon! I appreciate you saying that! xx

    Marlene Harris

    love the look, you have good taste

    Rachael Debates-Hunt

    these might actually make me look like i have a butt!

    Liberty Thompson

    I adore Madewell and could definitely use a new pair of jeans post-baby!


    The jeans look good but I couldn’t wear them with my shape Rosanne


    I love this blouse! The whole outfit is great because depending on hair, shoes and accessories, it could really be dressed up or down.

    Christy DuBois

    I have j crew jeans but haven’t owned any Madewell jeans yet but have read reviews that they are great. I love this look on you as I always love your look.


    I love silk blouses. I have a couple and love how they feel.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

    Amy Deeter

    These are very nice.i would love to try these cropped jeans out

    Tiffany C

    I love skinny jeans! This is one of the Spring trends I want to try! I have cute slides to wear but not the cropped jeans 🙂

    Jerry Marquardt

    This is such a beautiful outfit!! I would like to thank you for giving us this chance to win the giveaway today.