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    My son had colic. How I addressed it was two fold. I held him each morning while I opened the blinds and said good morning to the day, and again at night, with goodnights and a goodnight book. He was colicky at about 4 weeks old. I also gave him a dose of Colic Calm and I brought him to bed with me and rocked him until he was sleepy and then nursed him and burped him and laid him down to sleep. It worked very well to relax baby and by 6 weeks he slept through the night with two to three nursing sessions of sleep eating. I use a silicone teether with little bristles to brush his teeth after feedings, it works like a little tooth brush and he has his two bottom teeth now and never an issue with teething. He is 8 months old now and the happiest baby I have known!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi Generosa, great name! I love hearing about your sweet baby, glad he is doing so well. Love, Melissa