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    We are due in January 2014 and have chosen NOT to circumcise our boy. Our decision was fairly simple, as my partner himself was never circumcised. The fact that the procedure doesn’t appear to be medically necessary also aided us in coming to a quick, mutual decision.

    To ME, getting your child circumcised on the off-chance that foreskin will cause a problem is akin to getting your child’s tonsils removed because they might cause a problem one day. Being that my family has no traditional/religious reasons to wish for the procedure, and the medical reasons don’t feel terribly compelling, I feel its best to let things be how they are designed to be.

    Jenny Ray

    Will not. I don’t believe any parent decides to elect the procedure without the intent to do the best for their kid. However, I think there is a lot of misinformation out there. The studies that indicate higher utis in uncircs instructed that the penis be cleaned by forcible retraction, which is incorrect and does cause infections. Proper care does not increase infection rate.

    Lastly, I don’t feel comfortable risking death for my son because of fear. Unless something is a definite if he has this he will experience x, I don’t believe in removing something because of potential dangers.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi Jenny, thanks for commenting. There certainly are a lot of folks that feel the way you do. Do you have a boy or a girl?