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    Great tip. I have been using these with my 5-month old since day 1. We also have a dog and had leftover wee wee pads from house training the puppy. They’re great for public restrooms as they’re disposable, but also at home for accidents while changing the baby. We also use them on the playmat when she needs some time to air out her bum. They can hold a full pee and plenty of baby poop. We kept getting the pet pads as they were the cheapest. You can also search amazon or other online stores for hospital pads.


    As a new mom (my son Avery was born two weeks ago tonight!) I can’t thank you enough for the suggestion to buy Chux pads. They seriously are a life saver!! As a breastfeeding mom, now that Avery is having the seedy yellow poop (sorry TMI!?) I can’t believe how badly the yellow poop stains things! Chux continue to save my changing pad cover time and again. I also found it helpful to put them down on my bed sheets during the first week home from the hospital, and now since my milk is fully in, I still have them in my sheets because of milk leakage during the night. They are amazing, thank you!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Danielle, thank you for this nice comment and I am so glad you are using these, I swear by them as well, that poop is a killer! Also try breast pads during the night to help with the milk leakage — best of luck with your baby!!! xo Melissa


    Im a first time mom of a 2 week old and a longtime lurker on your site. I bought a case of 100 chux pads at your recommendation before the baby was born and boy did they save me today. During a routine changing, right after i removed his diaper and before I got the clean one under him, my little one surprised me by peeing on our lovely nursery walls and pooping that delightful curry colored poop all over place. As he squealed with delight, I thanked God that there was a Chux pad underneath him. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Yolanda, you made my day! I am so happy this advice was helpful. These things really are the best! I also found that after a poop like that, you could wrap up the whole mess into the chux pad and no mess left! It’s a miracle! Best of luck with your baby!!! xo Melissa


    Hi Melissa,
    I am getting every single things in my nursery per your advice and interesting enough when I share it with my friends and family I get surprised that they admit every single bit of it. I was talking to my doctor about your videos and recommended her to offer your website for new moms to be.
    for this chux underpad which brand are you using? We can’t order them from since we are living in Canada and Amazon does not ship to Canada, but if you mention a couple good brands we probably can find them from other suppliers. Thanks


    I use the cloth prefold diapers in my changing pad, they are a good size and catches any leaks or accidents that occur while changing. Plus they are reuseable.