Friday Finds

I don’t know about you moms out there, but Pinterest has become my favorite new site for finding cool things for moms and kids alike! My Friday Finds blog makes up a series where I share with you Mamas the most interesting clothes, activities, or recipes I’ve stumbled upon during the week! These can range from easy holiday treats or sandwich cookies to the hottest new trends for expecting moms and maternity outfit ideas! I’ve also shared some of the best kids’ books and cool games for kids that that are educational, fun, AND require minimal effort on your part! I hope you have fun exploring these posts and that they inspire some family fun for you and your kiddies!

This week, join me as I explore homemade baby food, games with chalk, and the Sevi Mini Pull-Along Cow! > More

This week, I'll explore topics such as roasted brussel sprouts, stacking blocks, and zig zag city guides! > More

This week's vlog covers all sorts of fun topics, including smoothies for kids and swaddle blankets! > More

My favorites this week include Harold and the Purple Crayon, Mercer Mayer, and sweet milk and cookies! > More

My favorites include DIY Christmas ornaments, Christmas maternity dress, and Olivia Helps with Christmas! > More

My favorites this week include Santa Lucia, the mitten, and Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine! > More

My favorites this week were The Snowy Day, my Swedish Christmas tree, and the Christmas Village Craft. > More

My favorites this week include Thanksgiving treats and table decorations for Thanksgiving! > More

My favorites this week include Movember, chocolate chip banana bread, and layering clothes! > More

My Friday favorites this week include this cornbread recipe, turkey breasts, and easy Fall crafts! > More

This Friday, my favorites include sweet popcorn, bobbing for apples, and a DIY maternity top! > More

My Friday favorite this week include a DIY tunic, fall pregnancy fashion, and fall baby photo shoots! > More

My Friday favorites today include Halloween treats and Kids Crafts for Fall! > More

My favorites this week include fall decorating, make-up bag essentials, and no bake cookies! Yum! > More

My favorites this week include pumpkin recipes, fall fashion, Halloween treats, and Mama Natural! > More

My favorites this week..Siggi's yogurt, Dragons Love Tacos, and Hand in Hand soap! > More

This week's Friday finds? A cool Halloween craft, Fall fashion for moms, and London!! > More

My favorites for the week include fall finds, animal paws, and My Mom Is a Foreigner But Not to Me! > More

Join me as I talk about my favorite things this week! Watch for more Friday finds! > More