Baby Basics

You and your hubby are now proud parents of a beautiful boy or girl! Congratulations! In my Baby section, you’ll find Baby Basics, including how to feed a baby when you’re breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and taking the big step and starting baby on solids! Keep that new baby smell and feel with my videos on how to bathe a baby and the best bath products to use on baby’s soft skin! Finally, you will master the skills needed to change a diaper and get your baby to sleep through the night with my helpful vlogs! From one mom to another, I hope you enjoy watching my videos and that they help you take care of and nurture your new bundle of joy!

Breastfeeding Basics

At 36 weeks pregnant, a mom of wonders if she should be seeing signs of breastmilk. > More

Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding? Here are my experiences with breastfeeding and pregnancy. > More

Bottle Feeding

How often should a three month old formula fed baby eat? Here's a 3 month old feeding schedule! > More

Discussing cow's milk sensitivity and the benefits of goat's milk plus enter our giveaway with Kabrita! > More

First Baby Foods

Weaning baby from milk to solid foods can be tough. Try these great first baby food options! > More

My tips on introducing solids to a baby plus advice on what to do when your baby rejects solid food. > More

Baby Care

Diaper rash can be a stubborn problem for babies and parents. Keep baby's skin soft, smooth and free of d > More

Weaning baby from milk to solid foods can be tough. Try these great first baby food options! > More

Baby Books and Gear

There is a crib for every nursery decor. Take a look at the most unique, modern cribs on the market. > More

Asking yourself what to look for in a diaper bag? Meet one of the best diaper bag backpacks on the market > More

Breast Pumping Tips

Milk supply and breast pumping tips, including avoiding foremilk hindmilk imbalance and more. > More

My tips on how to produce more milk, including by breastfeeding and pumping, and focusing on hind milk. > More

Baby Sleep Basics

4-month-old sleep often means a regression with night wakings. The Baby Sleep Site is here to help. > More

Getting newborns to sleep can be difficult. Sharing products that help baby sleep soundly + a giveaway! > More

Traveling with Baby

Few baby sunscreens offer gentle protection for newborns. Top sunscreens for baby and a giveaway! > More

The perfect weather shield for your baby's carrier, car seat or stroller + a breastfeeding cover for mom! > More

Lists and schedules

Tips on how to put your baby down for her nap and suggestions regarding baby naps. > More

Looking to mix up your postpartum diet? Here are 10 foods to eat after birth. > More