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    Lisa Coomer Queen

    I love your outfit! It is classy and looks comfortable! Thanks!

    Raine Dawson

    Love the outfit, a perfect mix. I’d never think to buy leather jeggings but those look great! Much more versatile than I’d have though. (Kimberly A. On widget)

    Cheryl Chervitz

    This looks so nice on you. Thanks for the chance.

    Shawna OBrien

    I love wearing leggings with oversized shirts and sweaters! So comfortable and stylish! Love your outfit! Thank you for the chance!


    There are so many cute things at Zara. I’d love to get this.

    Julie Lundstrom

    I love this over sized sweater. It looks so comfortable.


    Comfortable clothing is healthy and builds confidence.


    the sweate look great and i love to have them all on all the time a nd then i could wear for s church and then for the light winter we having

    Kathy Lane

    I love to wear oversized sweaters.I don’t feel comfortable in tight fitting clothes.

    Liberty Thompson

    Oversized sweaters are my life and I adore your cozy pink one!

    Fiona N

    Your sweater-outfit looks so beautiful and comfortable! Thank You for the chance 😉

    Rachael Debates-Hunt

    Never worn an oversized sweater but looks comfy!

    shannon fowler

    i love cozy sweaters. Unfortunately we now live in florida and there was never cold enough weather. I miss seasons.


    Jealous of the warm weather you have now, though! 😉


    Looks so comfortable.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com