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    I liked your article about jeans. My son has excema and I find jeans are not comfortable enough for him. I go round and round and get totally frustrated at pant options for him. I am looking for some pants with cuffed ankles so he cant scratch his legs that are either organic cotton or a nice soft cotton. I have given up on Carters because the sizes are not compatible for my baby, he is 7 months but wears 24 months in carters and still the legs are too long and the waise just right. Where can I get some good deals on pants like these? (with cuffed ankles and big wastes) Why dont baby clothes have small medium and large wastes lol

    Thanks for your comments!

    Melissa Lawrence

    If he’s only 7 months old, I think you can probably forgo jeans and keep him in nice soft cotton pants and legging type pants for quite a while longer. This is an expensive brand but I sometimes shop the sales on Gymboree and I like the quality and they do have adjustable wastelines. Have you tried going to a department store like a Macy’s and really surveying the baby department to see what brands might work? Maybe you can buy like 3-4 pairs of really nice quality pants that will see you through the next six months, something like Absorba… LMK a bit more and I will keep thinking about it. How are you treating the excema? I have a friend that had this and it went away just fine once the baby got a bit older…