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    How much milk should my baby be drinking at 9 1/2 months now since she having solids

    Melissa Lawrence

    Check with your doctor, but mine fed around 4x day at least 6-8 ounces, but depends on your baby’s weight so have to check with your dr!

    Tina Cochrane

    I have a very “wakeful” baby and she is exactly following this schedule at only 7 months old! Still waking in the night to feed though, since she is younger than this age group.


    I’m wondering about keeping the 3rd catnap in the evening for my 11 month old. I work part time so he wakes & eats at 6am and we’re out the door by 6:30 three days a week. On my off days he still wakes up around the same time, which is fine except that after waking up at 2 or 2:30 from the 2nd nap, by 6pm he is pretty tired but it seems too early to be putting him to bed. Any advice?


    When should my 7 month old be sleeping through the night?


    So do the naps have to be 2 hrs
    each? Thanks!!


    What if your baby wakes in the middle of the night? Do you nurse him?