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    My first child cried a lot. I wonder if this would have helped him.

    Bryan Vice

    This is very nice

    Tami B.

    Goat milk is becoming increasingly popular.

    Paula Rousseau

    Never knew goat milk was that great ty


    It’s pretty amazing stuff! Thanks for reading! 🙂

    Rachel Elaine

    Its something different mayber even better


    Not a parent so I can’t really say much about babies and baby stuff.

    Joel Tarin

    Thanks for the info


    Sure! Thanks for reading!

    Peggy Johnson

    thanks for the info, didnt know about goats milk


    Thanks for learning about it! 🙂

    Julien Spike

    Goat milk? Why not? 🙂


    Interesting read. I never would have thought about Goat’s milk before.

    Kyara Eberhart

    So far it’s sounding like goat milk might be the better choice.

    Michelle R. Carlino

    Definitely sounds like a great alternative to the standard formulas available.


    Exactly! It’s a wonderful option for parents and I’m excited to spread the word about it because many people probably don’t even know it is an option for them!

    Miranda Burdette

    This seems great!


    It is great. Thanks for reading about it!


    Goat milk sounds like an interesting choice.


    I’m very excited about the fact that this product is available… It’s a great option for parents!


    I’m glad to see this: America’s first Non-GMO Project Verified goat milk dairy farm.

    Rachael Debates-Hunt

    love that it’s non GMO


    When our kids were babies no one ever heard of goats milk.
    This is great to have a healthier choice.
    thank you
    Barbara Montag

    Richard Hicks

    I am new to this product and find it interesting


    I’m not a fan of milk at all. Yuck! Good thing it’s not for me! LOL


    I had no idea that goat milk protein forms a smaller, softer and looser curd in the gut than cow milk!

    shannon fowler

    i honestly didn’t know anything about goat milk before this. Its very interesting.

    Jerry Marquardt

    never knew that it was so good for you! thanks for the information on a really overlooked product.


    Interesting information. Sounds like a great alternative for moms that can’t nurse.


    I did not much like goat milk straight from the goat…..maybe it just needed a little something something added to it.

    Gabrielly Margutti

    Never knew that it was so good. Very interesting.


    Thanks for reading! 🙂

    Dana Rodriguez

    I had no idea it was better than cow milk.


    Only thing my little man eats!!!


    Awesome !

    LLoyd Llanahan

    Wow, its goats!

    Phyllis Profitt-Sanders

    That’s very informative. Thank you!

    Mya Murphy

    I could never have children but will pass along.


    Thanks, Mya!

    Brandy Sue Monday

    Have honestly never thought to use goat milk for my family

    Christy keen

    Wow! Great info!
    Did not know goat milk was good for my family!


    Thanks for reading, Christy!

    Melanie Corning

    I never knew the benefits of goats milk. thanks for the info


    Sure! Thanks for reading!

    Bryan Vice

    I’ve never drunk Goat’s milk before heard its pretty good but never knew had this many good healthy benefits


    I have never heard of goats milk to drink and didn’t realize all the benefits!


    It’s pretty incredible, right?


    I like that goat’s milk is easier to digest than cows milk.


    I never thought about using a goat milk product.


    I have never tried goats milk but will share this idea with my momma friends


    That’s great! Thank you for spreading the word! 🙂

    Helena Oops

    I have never tried it ,thanks!

    Betsy Barnes

    I never tried goats milk, however, learning that it digests easier than milk, maybe I should.

    Jerry Marquardt

    I never knew that goat’s milk was so much more nutritious. I am trying it later this week.

    trisha mckee

    Oh wow, thank you for the information. I have never tried goat’s milk and did not know the benefits of it.


    Thanks for reading!

    Rachel Elaine

    I don’t know it sounds kinda nasty but if its that good for you, it is worth a try

    Amber Gibson

    I personally like goat’s milk a lot more – both in milk and cheese products.


    Goats milk is great, ty for the info!


    Thanks for taking the time to learn about it!

    Molli Vandehey

    goat milk is a really highly overlooked optionm i prefer it!


    It really is!


    This is good to know. I have never had goat milk

    Shade Oluloro

    Great read about goats milk. We talked about various milks, in my prenatal class, but we never discussed goats milk.


    Thanks for reading! 🙂

    Jerry Marquardt

    I like the benefits of drinking real goat’s milk.




    This sounds really beneficial. Thanks so much for the chance 🙂


    yummy yum yum

    Elicia P

    Did not know they made a yogurt for babes