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    Hello Cloud Mom! I need help! My baby is 13 months old. She used to sleep 12 hours around 6 months old and slowly decreased to 11 hours. I adjusted the schedule and things were working fine but recently she has decreased to 10 hours of sleep!

    When she wakes up in the morning at 5:30am (ugh!), I can see her in the monitor trying to sooth herself to sleep but does not. I leave her in her crib and half hour goes by and she continues to sooth but no sleep. When it had been about 45 to 50 minutes, she begins to cry and, because it is close to wake time, I get her. She immediately asks for milk. We follow up with our morning routine but she gets tired much earlier and is ready for a nap. I push it but she still goes down about a half hour early. She has two good naps in the day (about 1.5 hrs.) but gets tired early in the evening.

    Does my scenerio mean my daughter is ready for one nap? Daylight savings time is approaching and I just cannot imagine starting our day at 4:30am. I just cannot keep shifting things earlier. We have gone from 7:00am to 5:30am at that is too much for me already. What should I do?


    Hi SAS, I knew this post was long time ago but now I’m facing to exactly same situation of yours so wondering what happen to you after that? thanks 🙂


    Hi Melissa, I need your help please!
    I have a 12mth old, who only likes to nap for 30 minutes at a time. I have tried a lot of different things to try get him to sleep for longer than that but to no avail.
    For the last few months he has 2 sleeps a day, which he fights me with. He will not sleep in his cot during the day, and rarely in the car. I end up having to use the pram and lay it down and walk him to sleep, which usually takes a good half an hour – 45mins before he falls asleep. Here in New Zealand it is the middle of winter which makes this a cold unpleasant experience!
    I have tried these last 2 weeks to transition him to 1 sleep a day, however he still won’t sleep for longer than the 30 minutes, and he is so super over-tired for the rest of the day and won’t go down well at night.
    This is becoming very stressful for us! Any advice will be VERY much appreciated. Thanks!