Baby Registry List: Feeding Essentials

There are so many things you need to get organized before your baby arrives. I’m a big believer in getting prepared for the things you CAN prepare for, because there are so many unknowns that you can’t plan for when it comes to parenting.

Make sure to watch my shows on bottles and nipples and formula which give you all the details and demonstrations about exactly how to use them.


I’m a big fan of bibs because I don’t like changing my baby’s clothes any more than I have to, and the ones I like are absorbent, soft and tight around the neck.  Get quite a few of these.  They will really cut down on the laundry because your baby won’t spit up on his clothes and need to be changed.  I would say 6-10 bibs would be good. Not kidding!  Your baby will be sleeping, peeing, pooping, burping and splitting up.  Burping and spitting up will be a big part of YOUR life so get your shields in place, and those shields are BIBS!
 Here are some nice choices, including for boys and girls; I find the ones that are all cotton and not water resistant to be the most comfy – you have to wash them anyway!


Avent, Dr. Brown’s, Playtex with drop-in liners, and Born Free are all really popular brands of bottles.  If your baby is showing signs of colic, you might want to look for a bottle aimed to minimize this. Get nipples for newborns and for months 1-3 just in case your newborn can handle a heavier flow of milk.  
For my last two babies, I have used Born Free and been really happy with them.  Playtex is a nice choice and less expensive, but you do have to replace the liners – makes cleaning easy, though!


I’m personally not a fan of pacifiers and I have tried to avoid them with my babies, BUT it’s good to have a few on hand for what I call strategic use for emergency soothing.  Your baby might be very fussy, gassy, or tired, and may just want to suck. Pacifiers are also great if you need to buy yourself a bit of time before you can properly feed your baby, or if she gets fussy in the car or stroller when you’re almost home. My advice would be to buy a few, try not to have your baby get hooked, and know now that you might want to be vigilant about getting your baby off them around six months. I’ve used the Avent Pacifiers and been really happy with them:


Even if you’re breastfeeding, I think it’s a good idea to have formula on hand just in case. You want something iron fortified, and you can go with cow’s milk, soy based, or lactose free (which is cow’s milk minus the lactose).  If you are unsure as to type, I would go for powdered which is cheaper and easier to store.  Which brand you choose is really a personal choice, so consult with your doctor. sells a wide range of formula brands. prices are subject to change.

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