Baby Registry List: Diaper Bag and Changing Essentials

Once you’re home with your new baby, you’re going to spend more time than you can believe talking about poop!  In fact, I have a whole show on what’s normal when it comes to what’s in your baby’s diaper.

During your first few weeks at home, you could be changing baby’s diaper up to 12 times a day! So what supplies do you need at your changing table? Here’s my complete list, from diapers to wipes to diaper creams and beyond:


Duh!  Here’s my advice after nearing nine straight years of diapering babies.  Get quite a few diapers to start, but not too many in newborn or size 1 (or preemie, as was my case!) because your baby will grow quickly, as will her diaper size.  Some of the newborn ones have a gentle curve along the top so that they don’t rub on the healing umbilical cord– they didn’t make these when I had my first, and I think they are ingenious.  My preference with diapers is to slant big; I feel that this way more gets held into the diaper, better retention!  I’ve always used Pampers but there are other good brands, including organic brands.  Different brands work better for different babies depending on body types, which is another reason not to stock up too much before baby is born.  You can also go the cloth route, as my mother did, God bless her, but I certainly can’t advise on that!


I like the Pampers wipes because they easily lift from the stack inside the wipe holder, but not all Mommy minds think alike: my partner Deirdre is a fan of Huggies which are thick and absorbent.  Try them out and see which brand you like.  You’ll need the big box for your changing area and the thin plastic container for the wipes in your diaper bag.  You can never have too many of these so definitely stock up!

Now for all the next few items I have additional shows you can watch that get very specific. For your purposes right now, I would recommend getting the following:

CHUX Changing Pads

My favorites!  With these, you don’t have to be constantly changing the cover of your changing pad; rather you just use a nice fresh CHUX.  I love these.  They are great for travel too or for your diaper bag because you can put the Chux underneath your own changing pad, so in that way they protect your own changing pad from dirt or grime. You never know where you might have to change your baby! And after you are done you just throw the CHUX pad away.

Diaper Creams

There are a number of different brands.  The basic point here is that you have petroleum jelly ointments (Vaseline-type) creams such as Aquaphor and A&D, and white thicker creamier options like Desitin and Balmex.  I have found that it’s good to alternate between the two types.  I think you can use these creams very generously when you see a diaper rash coming, but that when the bottom is lookin’ good, you don’t need to always use them.  The priciest choice is Triple Paste — it is the Cadillac of diaper creams, and it really does work wonders on a raw, sore fanny.

Diaper Bag

I also include this on the Baby Gear list, but you’ll need a diaper bag for changing your baby on the run.  Get a fun, roomy bag that is rain-proof that fits nicely on your stroller.  It should come with a handy changing pad and good pockets, both outside for bottles and inside for creams, wipe containers, and other things.  Remember fashionistas, the outside look here is less important than the functionality — but nowadays, you often can combine style and substance!


You’ll be changing your baby a lot so you’ll want all of this stuff handy and ready to go.  If you are heading out in the morning, I find it’s a good idea to pack your diaper bag and leave it by the front door so that in the morning so that you are ready to go.  There is nothing harder with a new baby than getting out the door so having the diaper bag ready makes this that much easier! prices are subject to change.

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