Baby Feeding and Sleeping Schedule: Breastfeeding 4 to 6-Month-Old

Feeding and sleeping schedule for your breastfeeding baby.Hopefully by the time your baby is 4 to 6 months old, you’ve gotten in a good groove with breastfeeding and are starting to feel a little more like yourself. And you’re probably wondering where the time went. Those sleepless nights are long, but the newborn months really do fly by. Trust me, I’ve done it five times!

This is the stage when many parents try to institute a daily routine, particularly if you’ve been breastfeeding on demand up to this point. With an infant who is 4 to 6 months old, you might be feeding your baby 5 times a day – approximately every 4 hours. Here’s the feeding and sleeping schedule for babies at this stage that worked really well for me.

This schedule assumes a 7 a.m. feeding, but can be adjusted for whatever time your day begins.

Baby’s Feeding and Sleeping Schedule:

7 a.m.  – First Feed

9:30 a.m.  – Nap (1.5 hours)

11 a.m.  – Second Feed

1:30 p.m.  – Nap (1.5 hours)

3 p.m. – Third Feed

6 p.m. – Nap (1 hour)

7 p.m. – Fourth Feed

8:30 p.m. – Bedtime

11 p.m.        Final Feed (directly back to bed)

This final feed of the night is sometimes referred to as a “Dream Feed” or a “Top Off” feed. You want to keep baby in her nursery and keep everything dark and quiet. In fact, many babies will sleep right through the feeding, but it’s important to “fill up the tank” so your little one (and you!) can sleep longer overnight.

This schedule may not seem realistic for a lot of parents at this stage. You might be having trouble getting your baby to sleep for a long stint overnight, or go down to sleep in the crib, or nap consistently. You should check with your doctor, but in my experience trying to institute this type of routine results in a child who is well rested and feeds a lot during the day, and sleeps longer stretches at night. I encourage you to give it a try.

People ask me how I survived having five babies in six and a half years, and my answer is that this schedule has truly saved my sanity (and my marriage!).

  • Erin Quillen-Bedford


    I work full time, so I pump during the day while away from my LO. She is 21 weeks now and has been getting 4 oz bottles at 9 noon and 3. She then nurses at 530 730 1030 and it was 3 and 5 at night. How would I implement this? Should I up her ounces she gets during the day?

  • Leah

    Hi Melissa, my daughter is turning 4 months old and was following your 3-4 month old sleeping schedule. She was doing fantastic being up for 1 1/2 hours at a time. Stupidly, I started to keeping her up for 2 hours at a time and some days it worked, other days it didn’t. I’ve seem to mess up her schedule completely because I wanted her waking up at 8 am (instead of 7 am) but still going down at 8:30 pm. I think it’s too much night time sleep. Anyways, I’m wondering if I should revert back to the up for 1 1/2 hours down for 1 1/2 hours or if I should start using your 4-6 month sleeping schedule. It seems like having a baby up for 2 1/2 hours at a time is too long, especially for a 4 month old. Any advice? My daughter likes her sleep.

  • Clarissa

    About how many ounces would each feeding need to be? I know every baby is different but is there an approximate amount?

    • Hanna

      30-32 ounces a day.
      So, if eating five times in a day, 6-7 ounces

  • Sara

    I’ve been able to follow this schedule with success except fot at night my son wants to be fed every time he wakes and thrn hevfalls asleep. Any tips for him staying alseep longer with not so many feedings? Night time feeding are like every 2-3 hours. Sometimes every hour.

    • Shine

      My LO is doing this right now. Has it change?? Any suggestions on what I can do so she sleeps longer at night?

  • Jen

    Any tips on how to start my 4 month old on a feeding schedule? We’ve been feeding on demand until now. I’m also having trouble with a consistent bed time/wake time and nap times. Using the schedule you posted do you wake them up if their nap is going longer than the scheduled 1.5 hours?

  • Brenda Rodriguez

    How do you transition from the 2-4 month schedule to this one?

  • Mary Beth

    Did you also supplement solid foods during the 4-6 month schedule?

  • Tachira Mari Mercado

    How do yu put your kids down for nap time. My son usually eats to sleep or use me as a pacifier. Im gonna try to take your advice on the routine ima try it like that but he don’t just fall asleep .

  • Ssinha

    How do I transition baby from 2-4 month schedule to a 4 -6month schedule?

  • Jamie

    How do you get your baby back on schedule if they wake too early from their nap and are dosing off before their next nap time? Do you force them to stay awake?

  • Taylor Ortega

    my daughter only takes 30 mins naps n she has like 5 naps a day n drinks 4ozs every 2 2.5 hours n she goes to bed around 8pm n gets up at 5am every moring to eat n then stays up n then she is up for 3hrs or less n she hardly ever wants to take a nap unless i am by her n i also have a 2yr old son. i need help on getting her on a schedule n trying to get her to nap longer.